Happy Women’s Day!!

This one goes out to every woman whose parents chose her marriage over her education. Every woman who had to give up what she wanted because that is what is “expected”. Every woman I know, every woman I don’t know. To every woman who can relate to it, every woman who can do something about it.  To every broken dream, every dashed hope, let’s take it back. We’ll fight for each other.  All you haters can suck it.  Happy Women’s Day!


Dear Susanna, did you ever think
This is what your life would bring
What happened to your trepid dreams
Lost in this blur of smoke and steams

 What happened to the girl you once knew
What happened to the things you thought you’d do
What happened to all those days and nights
When you dreamed of great big city lights

Dear Susanna, this is where your life is at
Broken dreams and a cigarette
Your little child, the husband by your side
Reminders of the life you pushed aside

 Where’s your shining star Susanna
Where’s your golden pride
Were they all flushed away as well
The day they made you a bride

Did you think the father you knew
The one you thought was your white knight
Would betray your trust so easily
Would so determinedly give up your right

 Did you know that mother dearest
Whose loving breast you were tucked under
Would give you up without a fight
Would without a sound simply surrender

 Dear Susanna
Don’t dishearten yourself
Thinking of the life unlived
That you have shelved

There’s hope for you yet, there’s always ways
Your discarded dreams can be replaced
Don’t you go down without a fight
It’s your story, just rewrite